The D.R.E. Champion program is a 5-week workshop created for upper-level high schoolers to instill a growth-minded, unbreakable mindset geared toward achievement and to equip students with the ability to win the mental battle, improve their socio-emotional health and stay on track via life mapping tracts.

By partnering with local advocacy and professional groups, the immersive champion program is designed by mental health professionals and administered in an interactive manner that is both entertaining and informative.  The end goal is to equip students with the tools and strategies to create a strong mental aptitude.  By doing so, students will be more equipped to handle the stressors  and conflicts of life that can lead to weakened mental health and future problems.

Our program begins with a dynamic kickoff event to set expectations and provide actionable strategies for positive mental and social-emotional health that students can use immediately.  The following four weeks dive in depth into the following 4 categories (or quarters).

Quarter One – Get Ya Grown Man On

The primary purpose of this workshop is to provide Academic Self-efficacy for students.  Our innovative life-mapping experience with our award-winning trainers help students to clearly define goals in their personal and professional lives as well as providing the mindset strategies needed to make these goals realities. Our key emphasis is on helping students create actionable steps that provide momentum and focus. In this planning workshop, we also lay the groundwork strong financial health and the importance of the small steps for reaching large goals.

Quarter Two – Confidence King

This workshop is geared toward creating a positive self-identity.  By seeing themselves in a good light, students are more equipped to battle anxiety, depression, and associated negative mental attributes. Through Confidence King, students gain mental tools to remain optimistic  as well as strategies for dealing with bulling and decreasing the psychological effects of bullying.

Quarter Three – Teamwork makes the DREamwork

This social contribution workshop focuses on student’s ability to thrive in group settings and contribute to the greater good which provides students with a sense of worth, direction, and responsibility. A large portion of this workshop focuses on conflict resolution, having difficult conversations, and all manners of communication that can positively or adversely affect a child’s growth in college or their professional career.

Quarter Four – Strategies to Win

This penultimate workshop reframes counseling to make it not only accepted, but to make it appreciated by students as they now see it as a tool necessary for growth. This self-management focused trac provides mental health resources, helps students set up their own mental-health peer network, and aligns students with proper mentors that understand their needs, have walked in their shoes, and can assist them with growth into adulthood.

Our program is flexible on timing but will undoubtedly set your students on the path of success via implementable strategies to master their mind and stay victorious against the challenges in life.